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Thermocarbon takes dicing technology to new levels

The Tcar®864-1 programmable dicing saw marks a new era in diamond grinding technology! Designed and manufactured in the United States by the industry leader in diamond grinding technology, the Tcar® 864-1 offers exceptional power, accuracy, chuck stability, and infinite programming flexibility!

Independent tests have proven Tcar’s heightsensing system to be the most accurate and fastest in the world, virtually infallible under the toughest load conditions! The chuck rotation system incorporates a patented braking and lock system insuring an extremely rigid mount at any angle.

The Tcar® 864-1’s pop-up SmartGrafix® window simplifies creating complex shapes such as the circular optical filter shown below.

The Tcar® 864-1 is controlled by the most advanced dicing software ever created, providing features that simplify the complex task of wafer dicing, thus saving you time and money. This includes the following patented features:

Flange Clearance Stop® - a patented program prevents the collision of the blade adapter’s periphery with the top surface of the workpiece during the dicing operation. This feature is also active when depth of cut is entered before any cut is actually made.
Wafer Zero® - until now, centering wafers on the chuck has been very difficult and time-consuming. Patented Wafer Zero® transfers the home position from the chuck to the wafer center where it is needed...automatically.
AlignOffset® - (Align here/cut there) allows alignments to be made on any portion of the wafer’s artwork without having to actually make a cut there. The first cut is made a specified distance (align offset®) from the alignment location. When dicing blank substrates, it is desirable to align to the edges of the wafer while placing the cuts a given distance inside the wafer’s boundaries. Set patented Align Offset® to any minimum distance required from the edge of a blank substrate and totally eliminate inadvertent skimming along the outer edges of the substrate, thereby saving the dicing blade.
Ordering information - The Tcar® 864-1 programmable dicing saw includes a precision flange, five Dicemaster® high-quality diamond blades, and chuck design personalized for your operation.

The round optical filter above was diced from a rectangular glass substrate using the diverse flexibility of the Tcar® 864-1.

Tcar® 864-1 Standard Features

“Standard” Features means just that - no additional costs! Where options are given, simply choose which system best suits your needs for installation on your Tcar® 864-1.

  • Cast iron axis construction mounted on solid Granite Block for rigidity and stability
    Unique X,Y, Z, and Theta Double Closed Loop control with unlimited Theta rotation and large four-inch “Z” travel
  • Powerful three-horsepower variable-speed spindle
  • Two full-color, high-resolution monitors with real-time graphics display
  • Powerful integrated PC-based program introduces patented features such as: FlangeClearance Stop®, WaferZero®, and Align Offset®
  • Your choice of Point-and-Click High-Speed or Split-Field Optic alignment systems as part of the standard Tcar® 864-1 package
  • True Illumination system allows high contrast for easy viewing of gold on white or solid white ceramic substrates
  • Adjustable electronic dual cross-hair targeting system
  • Off-chuck automatic height sensing by the cut or wafer
  • Direct measurement capability in X, Y, and Theta
  • Programmable entry feed rate and overcut length control the blade as it enters the wafer and ramps up to the final feed rate
  • Five sensors to protect your investment: spindle air, spindle coolant, spindle temperature, blade coolant, and chuck vacuum
  • Uses conductive or non-conductive dicing blades
  • Front panel, coolant trough, and chuck pan are made of stainless steel and are powder-coated to withstand years of continuous operation

Just a few of the Tcar® 864-1 standard features!

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