Dicing Blades

Resin-Bond Dicing Blades

High Quality Abrasives

Dicemaster® resin-bond blades are composed of the highest quality diamond abrasives, from their inner to the outer diameter. They are evenly dispersed to ensure high-quality cuts in the most difficult materials. An almost infinite variety of diamond/filler combinations enables multiple performance capabilities to fit various application requirements.

High Yields

Thermocarbon’s unequaled production and quality control standards ensure receiving consistent performance from blade to blade. The result is higher yields, faster feed rates, and increased productivity.



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To meet your personal needs, our experienced staff will help you choose from among our Dicemaster® and Blademaster® blades. Moreover, our R&D lab, which is one of the most sophisticated in the country will custom formulate the blade matrix to best meet your most demanding requirements.


Your technicians will appreciate Dicemaster’s remarkable self-sharpening characteristics, which eliminate the need for dressing procedures and costly interruptions to production.

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Resin-Bonded Diamond Dicing Blade Matrices


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